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An all terrain wheelchair is a good choice for those living an active lifestyle.  An all terrain wheel chair allows the wheelchair user to go places he or she couldn’t go in an ordinary chair, such as the beach and hiking trails.  All terrain chairs are designed to travel through sand, mud, snow, and over rough terrain.  They allow the user to participate in recreational activities that would otherwise be off-limits.  Some also use all terrain chairs for sports activities.


An all terrain wheelchair has different wheels than a regular wheelchair.  The wheels are usually fatter, and some all terrain chairs have six wheels instead of four.  A power all terrain wheel chair often has four-wheel drive!  The fatter tires help to absorb bumps and vibrations, as well as providing extra stability.

All terrain chairs are usually made with lightweight stainless steel frames.  Power chairs will be much heavier than manual chairs, however.  They usually disassemble for storage or for transporting in the trunk of a car.  Power chairs may be more difficult to break down than manual ones, though.

You can customize your all terrain wheelchair by adding various accessories, such as a cup holder, backpack, and even a beach umbrella.  They usually come with adjustable seats, arm rests, and foot rests, but you can also buy special back cushions, seat cushions, arm rests, and foot rests as needed.

You can use an all terrain chair all the time, but many people only use them for activities requiring an all terrain model, such as trips to the beach or a park.  They use another chair the rest of the time.

Manual Versus Power All Terrain chairs

There are both manual and power all terrain chairs.  The right choice for you will depend on a number of factors.

Of course, if you are unable to push yourself manually for any reason, you’ll want a power chair.  But even if you are able to push yourself manually most of the time, you may find it too difficult to push yourself through sand or over rough terrain.  If you have someone to help you navigate over difficult spots, a manual chair may still be a good choice.  They are definitely cheaper than power chairs, which is a plus.  But you may want to go with a power all terrain wheel chair anyway, just to make things easier and to allow you greater independence.


A manual all terrain wheelchair costs around $2000, give or take a little.  A power all terrain wheel chair costs around $10,000, give or take a little.  While Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance plans, and the VA often help cover the cost of a wheelchair, they usually will not help with an all terrain wheelchair because they are considered sports chairs and are not viewed as medically necessary. 

You may be able to find a used chair for less, if cost is an issue for you.  Check online classifieds, or check with your local disability association.  If you do decide to purchase a used chair, make sure it’s in good condition.  It won’t come with a warrantee like a new chair would.

If you are taking a trip to the beach or something like that, you may be able to rent an all terrain wheel chair for the occasion.  That way, if it’s not something you will use on a regular basis, you don’t have to actually buy the chair.  You can also rent a chair to see if you like it before buying.

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