Celiac Disease Food List

A celiac disease food list is a list a foods that are suitable for people with celiac disease. It’s a gluten free list of foods that someone can eat on a gluten free diet.

Celiac Disease Food List

The following foods are usually gluten free. However, if you are purchasing packaged or prepared foods, there is always a chance they have been seasoned with something containing gluten or that they have had small amounts of something containing gluten added. Therefore it is always advisable to read labels carefully before buying any food item. In addition, you should be aware that manufacturers can change the ingredients in a product at any time without warning, so it is recommended that people with celiac disease read the label on a product every single time they buy it.

A gluten free list usually includes the following items:

Gluten Free List of Flours

Wheat flour is the type of flour most commonly used in breads and other baked goods, but there are a number of other flours that can be used in baking. A good celiac disease food list must include a list of alternatives to wheat flour.

Gluten Free List – Brands to Look For

A good celiac disease food list needs to include some products that are specially designed for people with celiac disease. There are a number of products that are made to be gluten free, including gluten free breads, cereals, snacks, and pastas. Here is a list of gluten free items to get you started.

Take this gluten free list with you when you go shopping, but still take the time to read the labels. Many of these companies make both foods with gluten and foods without gluten, so read the labels carefully to make sure you are buying the gluten free version of these products. Of course, as you find new gluten free products, you’ll add more items to your celiac disease food list. Consulting with a registered dietician that is experienced with gluten free diets can give you more ideas, as well.

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