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There are plenty of costly detox diet programs out there, but people often ask us about a free detox cleansing diet program.  There is no need to spend a lot of money on a detox diet program, because there are several detox diets you can do on your own for little or no money.  We’ll discuss some of these in detail in just a bit.

We take in toxins every day in the food we eat and the water we drink.  A good detox diet limits the amount of toxins we take in by restricting the types of food we eat to things like fresh fruits and vegetables and filtered water.

A good detox cleansing program flushes toxins out of your body.  It cleanses the liver of toxins, which build up because the liver is the organ responsible for filtering toxins out of our blood.  When the liver becomes overburdened with toxins, it cannot function properly.  Toxins build up in our blood and our cells, and cause all sorts of health problems.


A free detox cleansing diet can help to prevent many health problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and kidney and liver problems.  It can help to relieve many health problems as well, such as digestive problems, arthritis, chronic pain, sinus problems, and skin problems.  It is usually recommended to perform a cleansing diet every three months or so.  You can also do a cleansing diet whenever you are feeling “sluggish” or in need of a “boost.”  It is good for preventing problems and for maintaining good health.


Here are several free detox cleansing diet plans.  These are easy to follow and inexpensive.  You should talk to your doctor before beginning any detox cleansing plan, especially if you have any health problems or are on any medications.

The raw food diet - As suggested by the name, most of the food on this diet is consumed raw.  Only about 25% of the food is consumed cooked.  The diet consists mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds and grains, dried fruit and juices, rolled or flaked grains, and herbs and spices.  Organic foods are preferred.  This diet can be used for one week or for several weeks as desired.  These foods are easy on the liver because they contain few toxic substances.

The lemonade diet - In this diet, only water with lemon juice and maple syrup added to it is consumed for several days.  The point of the diet is to flush toxins out of the system.  It is not meant to be used for weight loss, although weight loss will occur.  Most of the weight will be regained after the diet is stopped.  That’s because most of the weight lost is from water retention. 

The juice fast - All you drink for several days is fresh fruit and vegetable juices.  It gives your liver a rest, since there are fewer toxins taken in that must be filtered out, and it helps flush toxins out of your system.

Some people like to add an herbal supplement to their free detox cleansing diet programs.  While there is a cost for the supplements, they are usually quite affordable.  The herbal supplements work with the cleansing diets to remove toxins from the body and support liver functioning.

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When To See Your Doctor

See your doctor before beginning your free detox cleansing diet program to make sure it is the right program for you.

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