Eating Disorder History

In people with an eating disorder history, professionals and concerned family members and friends usually want to know the causes of eating disorders. Unfortunately, sometimes the cause of the problem cannot be determined. Fortunately, not truly understanding the cause is not a significant barrier to treatment because treatment is usually fairly standard regardless of the root causes of the disorder. However, understanding the cause of the disorder can aid in treatment and also help people with eating disorders gain insight into their problems.

Eating Disorder History

To understand the likely causes of eating disorders, it is helpful to consider carefully the history of the eating disorder. At what age did the disorder begin to develop? Did any significant life changes occur near that time? Does anyone else in the family have a history of an eating disorder? Did any other problems such as symptoms of anxiety or depression or substance abuse begin around the same time as the eating disorder?

Professionals that treat eating disorders will examine a person’s eating disorder history to see if any contributing factors can be identified, but treatment can proceed and be successful even if the cause is never determined.

Causes of Eating Disorders

It is often difficult or impossible to determine the causes of eating disorders in a particular person. The causes are as varied as the individuals that suffer from eating disorders and often many different factors contribute to the development of an eating disorder in one individual. Some possible causes of eating disorders include:

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