List of Foods Containing Gluten

Having a list of foods containing gluten handy will help you make the right food choices. This list may seem very long, and it’s true that there are many foods with gluten. However, there are many more foods without gluten, so you really won’t run out of things to eat. There are gluten free substitutes for many of the foods commonly made with gluten, such as gluten free flours and gluten free pastas.

List of Foods Containing Gluten

These are not the only foods with gluten, of course. There are so many foods that may contain gluten, it is just impossible to make a comprehensive list of foods containing gluten. You will need to read labels carefully in order to avoid foods with gluten.

Things to watch for on labels include:

Avoiding Foods With Gluten

Use this list of foods containing gluten as a starting point to help you make good food choices when shopping for groceries. When buying gluten free products, make sure you read the label each time you purchase an item because manufacturers can change ingredients at any time. Candy that was gluten free last week may have gluten today.

If you have questions about whether or not a particular product contains gluten, you can phone the manufacturer. Many food products have a telephone number listed on the package, but if they don’t you should be able to find the number online.

List of Foods Containing Gluten in Restaurants

Eating in restaurants can be daunting if you need to avoid foods with gluten, but it can be done. Some restaurants offer special gluten free meals, like gluten free pasta or pizza, so you can seek out these places if like. If you eat in “regular” restaurants, you can still find plenty of gluten free options. Make sure you ask questions about any dishes you aren’t sure about. Restaurants usually have complete nutritional information available for all their dishes, but you will have to ask for it.

Foods to avoid in restaurants include:

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