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There are a number of important mens vitamins.  The necessary vitamins for men are different from the vitamins recommended for women.  While everyone needs certain amounts of all the primary vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, men and women do have different nutritional needs.  Here we’ll tell you about some of the important vitamins for men.


Important Mens Vitamins

B Vitamins

A B-complex can be taken to get a good supply of B vitamins.  Of course, any good multi-vitamin supplement will contain the B vitamins most men need.  However, men with enlarged prostates can benefit from additional B vitamins, and should consider taking a B-complex in addition to a daily multi-vitamin.

Vitamin B 3 (Niacin)

Vitamin B 3 helps regulate blood cholesterol levels.  Men need about 16 mg of niacin per day, which is a bit more than women need.

Vitamin B 5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Vitamin B 5 is important for men because it supports the adrenal glands, which produce hormones.  Men need about 6 mg of pantothenic acid per day.

Vitamin B 6

Vitamin B 6 is another of the important vitamins for men.  It is essential for male glandular functioning.  Men need about 2 mg of vitamin B 6 per day.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C performs many important functions.  It is needed to produce collagen, a tissue that helps hold cells together.  It is needed for healthy skin and bones and to promote wound healing and brain function.  Men need more vitamin C than women, about 90 mg per day.  Men who smoke should take more vitamin C than that, about 125 mg per day.  Men with low sperm counts can also take more vitamin C.


Iron is one nutrient that men need less of than women.  That’s because women lose blood when they menstruate.  Men only need about 8 mg of iron per day, while women need more than twice that.  Men should not take an iron supplement unless directed to do so by a physician.


Zinc is necessary in mens vitamins for several reasons.  It helps regulate male glandular functioning.  It aids in sperm production.  It also helps promote prostate health.  It is an important nutrient for all men, but is especially important for adolescents and for men over 50.  Men should take about 11 mg of zinc per day, which is a bit more than women need.

Taking Mens Vitamins

Most men can get the vitamins and minerals they need by taking a good multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement.  Some men may also benefit from taking additional vitamin supplements as well, such as a B-complex as discussed above or additional vitamin C.  If you’re not sure what supplements you need to take, you can talk with your health care provider or a registered dietician for professional advice.

Of course, these supplements should be taken along with a diet that includes a wide variety of healthy foods.  If men eat a fairly healthy diet, they will get many of the important vitamins for men from their food.  However, the reality is that many men don’t eat the best diet, and vitamin supplements can help make up for what is missing in the daily diet.

Recommended Product

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