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Mobility scooter carriers are very helpful if you use a mobility scooter.  Scooter ramps and carriers are definitely things any scooter user should consider purchasing.  While scooter ramps and carriers may not be necessary for everyone, depending on your situation, they may be very useful for you.


Mobility Scooter Carriers

Scooter carriers are like small platforms that attach to the back of a car.  You simply drive your scooter onto the platform, then raise the platform off the ground.  The scooter is secured to the platform, and you’re all set.  The same carriers can also be used for power wheelchairs.

Mobility scooter carriers are a great convenience, because breaking down a power wheelchair or scooter for transport in a car can be rather difficult and time consuming.  Even when broken down, the parts of a scooter or power chair can be quite heavy, so lifting them into the trunk of a car can be difficult.  Mobility scooter carriers make it easier to travel and live an active lifestyle.

Make sure you get a carrier designed for scooters, not one designed for manual wheelchairs.  The carriers designed for manual chairs will not support the weight of a scooter.


There are a variety of scooter ramps to choose from, depending on your needs.  Medical supply stores that sell ramps may offer a free evaluation to help you choose the right ramp or ramps for you.  Various agencies that serve the disabled may also offer free evaluations.

Threshold ramps are made for the thresholds of doors that have a slight bump up.  These are very short ramps.

There are also folding and solid ramps that can be used for thresholds, steps, and curbs.  These are a little longer than threshold ramps (they come in different lengths), and the folding ones are fairly portable.  They are generally used for short inclines.

If you have many steps up to your front door, you may wish to purchase a modular ramp.  These ramps may be straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped.  The shape and length of your modular ramp will depend on the number of steps it needs to cover and how steep the steps are.  If the ramp is very steep, it will be difficult to push a chair up it.

You can also purchase ramps for vans.  These are usually folding ramps, and they fold neatly into the van when not in use.  Some people prefer to get a chair lift for their vans, though, because the ramps can be somewhat heavy to open and close.


Mobility scooter carriers cost anywhere from about $500 to about $2500, depending on the model you choose.

The cost of scooter ramps varies, of course, depending on the type of ramp.  You can purchase threshold ramps for as little as $50.  A solid or folding ramp may cost anywhere from about $200 to about $500.  Ramps for vans cost anywhere from about $400 to about $800.  The price of modular ramps varies, depending on the length and shape of the ramp.

Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance policies usually do not cover scooter ramps and carriers, but you can certainly inquire.  If you need assistance purchasing scooter ramps and carriers, you can contact your local United Way.  Sometimes there are area agencies serving the disabled that will help with the cost.  Those same agencies may be able to help you put a modular ramp together, if you don’t have anyone to do it for you.

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