Models With Eating Disorders

There are a number of fashion models with eating disorders and the way the media influence eating disorders can be significant in some cases. Experts disagree about the exact degree of impact media images have on the development of eating disorders but at least some fashion models have stated that the modeling industry affected the development of their eating disorders and people that read popular magazines may be more likely to develop eating disorders than those that have less exposure to images in the popular media.

How the Media Influence Eating Disorders

The media can influence the development of eating disorder in a number of ways.

Why Models with Eating Disorders Are So Common

There are several reasons why models with eating disorders are so common, but it should be understood that not all models suffer from eating disorders and some models themselves disagree that the modeling industries encourages the development of eating disorders.

Models with Eating Disorders

A large number of fashion models have suffered from eating disorders, including:

Many have spoken out publicly about their struggle and made an effort to educate the public about eating disorders.

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