Outdoor Mobility Scooter

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An outdoor mobility scooter is an excellent choice for someone who is able to walk short distances, such as around his or her house, but can’t walk very far.  Handicap scooters can be used on outings.

There are a number of useful features available on handicap scooters.  Some scooters fold for storage.  Some are fairly easy to disassemble for storage or travel.  Some are specifically designed to operate on rough terrain.


Scooters offer several advantages over both power wheelchairs and manual wheel chairs.  However, they are not the best option for someone who users a wheelchair all the time, including indoors.  They are larger and more cumbersome than power chairs and manual chairs.  They don’t make turns as tightly as a power chair.

Scooters are also not a good choice for those who have certain disability, such as quadriplegic people or those with cerebral palsy.  They simply do not offer enough postural support.

There are heavy duty, or bariatric, scooters for larger users.  There are no pediatric scooters, however.  Mobility scooters are designed for adult users.

Benefits of an Outdoor Mobility Scooter

There are many benefits of handicap scooters.  Scooters are good for someone who is only able to walk short distances.  They allow people to get out of the house to go shopping or to participate in social events.  They also allow the user to be as independent as possible.

A power wheelchair offers many of the same benefits as an outdoor mobility scooter, but there are some features available in a scooter that are not available in a wheelchair.  Scooters are able to operate on rougher terrain than a power wheelchair.

Scooters have several advantages over manual wheelchairs.  They are easy to operate for users who are not strong enough to push themselves in a manual chair.  They are also useful for those who cannot push a chair due to severe arthritis or other disabilities.  Therefore they allow the user to be more independent.  An attendant is not needed to push the chair.

Features of Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters offer a number of special features.  The features you need will depend on your lifestyle.  Many scooters come with a basket in the front for carrying things.  Some scooters even have headlights and tail lights.

Many scooters can go up to ten miles before the batteries need recharged.  You should always check your battery, though, before using your scooter.  You don’t want to be out and about and run out of juice!  Most people charge their batteries at night.  Some scooters come with onboard chargers, while others use an off board charger.  Batteries usually last one to two years before needing to be replaced.

Cost of an Outdoor Mobility Scooter

An outdoor mobility scooter usually costs anywhere from $600 - $2000.  Health insurance or Medicare may help pay for a scooter, but many people must self pay.  If you are a veteran, the VA may help with the cost.  Some manufacturers and retailers of handicap scooters may offer financing options.  Investigate these options when deciding to purchase a mobility scooter.

Scooters do cost more than most manual wheelchairs, but as discussed above, scooters offer several advantages over manual chairs.  The cost is comparable to power chairs, however.  Consider your needs and your lifestyle when deciding between manual chairs, power chairs, and scooters.  Folding scooters and those that disassemble for travel are usually the least expensive.

Recommended Products

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