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A quickie wheelchair is manufactured by Southwest Medical.  Quickie wheelchairs include standard folding chairs, lightweight and ultra lightweight chairs, heavy duty chairs, reclining chairs, motorized chairs, and pediatric chairs.  Quickie also makes sports wheelchairs, including basketball and tennis chairs, and handcycles (these are sort of like bicycles that you pedal with your hands).  Quickie makes a number of products related to wheelchairs, as well, like wheelchair bags, cup holders, and gloves.

Quickie chairs rate very high in customer satisfaction surveys.  They have a wide array of products to choose from, and customer feedback shows them to be very well made and durable.


Manual Quickie Wheelchair

There are many manual quickie wheelchairs from which to choose.  They offer a full line of lightweight and ultra lightweight chairs, including some made from titanium (which is very light, but sturdy).  They offer heavy duty, or bariatric chairs, which are extra wide and sturdy.  They offer reclining chairs, designed for those who are unable to sit completely upright all of the time.

The rigid frame quickie chairs are easily customizable.  You can add special backrests, seat cushions, and positioning devices as needed.  Folding frame chairs are less customizable.  Many of the chairs come in a choice of colors, as well.

As mentioned earlier, there are also quickie sports chairs available.  There are chairs specially designed for basketball and chairs specially designed for tennis, as well are all-around sports chairs.  Sports chairs are very lightweight and easy to maneuver in.  They also offer several models of handcycles, including one designed for children.

A manual quickie wheelchair can cost anywhere from around $300 - $2000, depending on the model chair you select.  The ultra lightweight chairs and the sports chairs tend to be the most expensive.  You’ll also pay more for custom features.

Motorized Quickie Wheelchairs 

You can purchase a motorized quickie wheelchair with a folding frame or a rigid frame.  In order to fold a folding chair, you must first disconnect and remove the battery.  Even without the battery, these chairs are fairly heavy, so be warned before you try to lift one into your car trunk.

The motorized quickie chairs can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user.

A motorized quickie wheelchair can cost anywhere from around $3000 - $6000, depending on the model chair you select.

Pediatric Quickie Wheelchairs

There are a number of quickie pediatric wheelchairs available, both manual chairs and motorized chairs.  These chairs are specially designed for use by children.  The seats are a bit lower than those in adult wheelchairs to facilitate independent transfers.

Quickie also offers a handcycle designed for kids.

Quickie Chair Parts

Quickie makes adjustable wheelchair backs that are designed to provide good postural support.  There are a number of backs to choose from, depending on your specific needs.  There are backs for adults and for children.

Quickie also makes a number of seat cushions.  There are cushions specially designed for people with moderate or high risk of skin breakdown.  There are also cushions designed to provide postural support and to prevent slipping.

Other wheelchair parts are available as well, including wheels, arm rests, and foot rests.  These parts can be used to customize any of the quickie chairs.

Other Quickie Products

Quickie offers a number of wheelchair accessories, including backpacks and pouches, beverage holders, gloves, and wheelchair trays.  They make transfer boards and swivel cushions designed to help with transfer.  They also make wheelchair carriers, which attach to the back of a car like a bike rack.  These are designed to hold manual wheelchairs, not motorized chairs, which are too heavy).

Recommended Products

Feedback that we have received from users of quickie products find them to be comfortable, reliable and very durable.  In addition, we like the fact that their wheelchairs are very light and are customizable. We recommend quickie wheelchairs and other quickie products as high quality products at a reasonable cost.  You can follow this link to learn more about Quickie Wheelchair prices and features, and see if they may be right for you.




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