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We are often asked about silverfish pest control and silverfish extermination.  Silverfish are wingless, silvery-colored insects that grow to a length of one-half inch to one inch long.  They primarily live in damp areas like kitchen cupboards, bathroom sinks, and tubs, although they can be found in other places as well.  They feed on things like wallpaper paste, books, papers, natural textiles, and various molds and fungi. 

Silverfish pest control involves killing the bugs in your house and eliminating their habitats and food sources so they won’t come back.  You may be able to handle silverfish extermination on your own with products you can purchase at hardware stores or on the internet, or you might want to hire a professional exterminator instead.  We recommend you at least call a professional exterminator to make an inspection of your home.  Many exterminators offer free inspections, and they are trained in identifying all areas of infestation, which is important because if you miss any areas when you apply treatment, your problem will just return.  The exterminator can offer you valuable advice about how to deal with the problem.  You can then decide if you want to hire the exterminator to treat the problem or if you want to try to treat it yourself.


Silverfish Pest Control Methods

The first step in silverfish pest control involves getting rid of their habitats and food sources.  Fix any leaky pipes and eliminate any standing water in your home.  Ventilate any closed up, humid rooms like attics. 

Deal with their food sources as best you can.  Of course, you can’t eliminate all wallpaper paste from your home if you have wallpaper, but that isn’t really necessary, anyway.  You can, however, eliminate any mold or fungi that they may feed on.  You can also look at where and how you store old papers.  They should be stored in a dry place, and in plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes.

Silverfish Extermination

Silverfish extermination will involve spraying insecticide around the perimeter of your home, including the entryways.  You can purchase sprays yourself, or you can hire an exterminator to come in and spray for you.  We really recommend hiring someone.  Professional exterminators know what they’re doing and are used to handling potentially hazardous chemicals.

In some cases, eliminating their habitats and food sources and spraying the perimeter may be enough to solve the problem.  In more extreme cases, you’ll need to apply some sort of treatment inside the house, as well.  You can dust or bait problem areas such as attics (especially the insulation), behind kitchen appliances and inside kitchen cupboards, light fixtures, electrical outlets, and storage boxes.  Again, you can do this yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.  If you do it yourself, make sure you don’t miss any important areas, or the problem will just return.  Even if you plan to treat the problem yourself, a professional exterminator can advise you on where and how to place dust and/or bait.

Recommended Treatment Provider

We recommend that you use a licensed professional for your silverfish pest control needs. It is important though to find a company experienced with silverfish extermination. You can follow this link to get a selection of prequalified local pest control companies that specialize in silverfish, and will give a free home evaluation and price quote.



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