Warning Signs of Anorexia

It’s important to recognize the warning signs of anorexia because without treatment, the anorexia nervosa effects can be devastating. If warning signs are caught early in the course of the disorder, treatment can be initiated before the anorexia nervosa effects become too severe.

Warning Signs of Anorexia

Warning signs to watch for include:

If you notice warning signs of anorexia in yourself or in someone you care about, you need to seek help as soon as possible. The anorexia nervosa effects can be very severe, even deadly, if the illness is allowed to progress. Prompt treatment can be lifesaving.

Seek treatment from a medical doctor as well as a mental health professional that has training and experience in the treatment of anorexia. Many people with anorexia need a period of inpatient treatment in order to get intensive medical and psychiatric care. After that, ongoing outpatient care provides long-term treatment and support.

Physical Anorexia Nervosa Effects

There are numerous physical effects of anorexia, some of which can cause serious illness or even death.

People with anorexia should see a medical doctor with training and experience in treating the condition. Not all doctors are prepared to diagnose and treat the many medical complications of the disorder. Medical doctors should also refer patients with anorexia to a qualified mental health professional or an eating disorder treatment center.

Even if someone has just begun experiencing early warning signs of anorexia and does not yet have symptoms of medical problems, he or she should see a doctor for a complete physical exam. Some medical problems do not cause noticeable symptoms in the early stages but still require treatment.

Psychological and Behavioral Anorexia Nervosa Effects

Anorexia is not simply a physical illness or a medical problem. It is classified as a mental illness and has numerous psychological and behavioral effects. These symptoms may also serve as warning signs of anorexia.

People experiencing psychological or behavioral effects of anorexia should seek mental health treatment.

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