Wheelchair Batteries


If you use a motorized wheelchair, then you need to know about wheelchair batteries.  Good wheel chair batteries can improve the quality of your life, while inadequate batteries can make your life miserable.  You need a battery that can hold enough power to get you through your day.  There is nothing worse than being out and about and running out of power!

In general, the bigger the battery, the more power it has.  Larger batteries are heavier than smaller ones, which may be a concern if the chair must be lifted.  Most motorized wheelchairs are pretty heavy, though, so ramps or chair lifts are usually needed anyway, regardless of the battery size.


When selecting wheel chair batteries, consider your lifestyle.  If you move around a lot during the day, you’ll need a battery with a further range than if you are more of a homebody.  Running your wheelchair over carpet or a rough surface will also use more battery power.  Making a lot of turns will also use more battery power.

You may be limited in the size of the wheel chair batteries you can use based on the type of wheelchair you have.  Some chairs with special backs or seats don’t have enough room for a large battery.

Wheelchair batteries usually last for about two years before they have to be replaced.  It is generally recommended that you replace your battery after two years even if you are not having any trouble with it.

Wet Cell Versus Gel Batteries

There are two types of wheel chair batteries, wet cell batteries and gel batteries.  Wet cell batteries require more maintenance than gel batteries.  Distilled water must be added to the battery about every other month.  If it’s difficult to access the battery on your chair, or if you’re unable to fill the battery yourself, this may be a problem.  Wet call batteries generally last longer than gel batteries, though.  They are also usually cheaper.  The type of battery you can use may depend on the type of chair you have, but many chairs can accommodate either wet cell or gel batteries.

Charging Wheelchair Batteries

Wheel chair batteries must be charged regularly.  It is recommended that you charge your battery as soon as possible after using the chair.  Many people charge their batteries every night while they sleep.  When charging your battery, you should allow it to charge completely before using the chair again.  Incomplete charging can weaken the battery.  Don’t let your chair sit for too long without charging it, as this can also weaken wheel chair batteries.

There are special chargers designed for use in the car, and if you travel a lot, you may want to invest in one of these.  They come in especially handy for camping trips and the like.


Wheelchair batteries can cost anywhere from around $100 - $300.  When choosing a battery for your chair, ask how long your chair can run on the battery before it must be charged.  Make sure the battery will meet your lifestyle needs.

Medicare, Medicaid, or health insurance may pay for your wheel chair batteries, especially if they paid for your wheelchair.  Often they will only pay for smaller, less expensive batteries.

In addition to a wheelchair battery, you will need to buy a battery charger.  A battery charger usually costs anywhere from $350 - $450.  A good charger should last you a long time, however.

Recommended Products

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