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A wheelchair cup holder, wheelchair bags, and other accessories can be used to make things more convenient for a wheelchair user.  There are a wide variety of such accessories from which to choose.


Wheelchair Cup Holder

Wheelchair cup holders are very useful.  A person who uses a manual wheelchair needs both hands to push the chair, so they don’t have a free hand to carry around a water bottle.  Of course, a cup holder is convenient even for those who use a power wheelchair and have a free hand. 

Cup holders mount on the side of the wheelchair.  Some mount with metal clips, others with Velcro strips.  Wheelchairs don’t come with cup holders; you have to buy one separately.  Wheelchair cup holders hold standard water bottles and drinking glasses.  Some cup holders will also hold cups with handles.  You can also buy drink bottles meant to be used with wheelchair cup holders, but it’s not really necessary.

An alternative to a wheelchair cup holder is a camel bag.  A camel bag looks sort of like a backpack and hangs on the back of the wheelchair.  A long flexible straw reaches from the camel bag around the front of the chair for drinking.  It works very well for people who have difficult lifting and holding a cup.  It can also hold more water than most drinking bottles or a drinking glass.

Keeping a water bottle or camel bag handy is a good idea, because not drinking enough fluids can cause all sorts of problems. 

A wheelchair cup holder usually costs somewhere between $20 - $30.  A camel bag will cost more.

Wheelchair Bags

There are several types of wheelchair bags.  Most attach to the back of the chair.  They have straps that fit over the handles of the chair.  There are also bags that attach to the side of chair by being attached to the armrest.  In addition, there are bags that attach beneath the wheelchair.  One benefit to the bags that attach to the armrest is that the wheelchair user can reach the bag easily.  With bags that attach in the back or beneath the chair, assistance is usually required to get items out of the bag.

Some bags look like backpacks, while others look more like a tote bag with a strap on each side to hook over the wheelchair handles.  Some have just one large pocket, while others have several pockets.  Some have front pockets that can be used to hold a water bottle.  The bags come in different sizes so that some fit adult wheelchairs and others fit pediatric wheelchairs.

Most wheelchair bags are waterproof, making them safe to use in all sorts of weather.  They’re not all waterproof, however, so check to see if the one you’re buying is.  Most bags are pretty durable and should last you a long time.

You can spend anywhere between $20 - $100 on a wheelchair bag, depending on which model you like.

Other Wheelchair Accessories

There are many other wheelchair accessories besides a wheelchair cup holder and wheelchair bags.  Some available accessories include:

  • Wheelchair trays.
  • Umbrella holder.
  • Reflective wheel covers.
  • Wheelchair gloves.
  • Blankets, lap robes, and ponchos.
  • Assorted adaptive clothing.
  • Special seat cushions, armrests, and footrests.

You can use these accessories to customize your wheelchair for your convenience and comfort.

Recommended Products

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