Wheelchair Gloves and Clothing


Many wheelchair users use wheelchair gloves.  They protect the hands while pushing the wheelchair.  Many also use special wheelchair clothing.  We’ll tell you about the different types of wheelchair clothing so you can think about what might be beneficial for you.


Wheelchair Gloves

Most gloves for wheelchair users have the fingers cut out.  That allows the user the manual dexterity to do other things without removing the gloves.  It also keeps the gloves from being so hot.  Some gloves are full-fingered gloves, however.  These are often worn in the winter to keep the hands warm.

You might think a wheelchair user could just use any gloves instead of buying special gloves designed for wheelchair users.  And of course they can.  Wheelchair gloves offer a couple of advantages, however.  They are designed to prevent the hands from slipping off the wheels, thereby providing a better grip.  Most are water resistant (of course, some regular gloves are water resistant, too).  Some have gel pads for added comfort.

Wheelchair gloves usually cost somewhere between $30 - $40.

Wheelchair Clothing

There is a wide variety of wheelchair clothing available to meet the special needs of wheelchair users.  Of course wheelchair users can wear regular clothing as well, but these articles of clothing may be more comfortable or convenient.  They are particularly useful for those who have severe arthritis, cerebral palsy, or other conditions that make it difficult to pull on clothing and put arms through sleeves.  The pants designed for wheelchair users are also particularly useful for those who are incontinent.

Here are some types of clothing designed for wheelchair users:

There are pants that open in the back so they can be put on while seated.  There are also pants that unzip from the waist all the way down to the knee.  These pants are particularly useful for incontinent people as they make changing easier.

There are open back shirts that are much easier to put on than shirts that must be pulled over the head or shirts that button or zip in the front.  These shirts come in a variety of styles, such as tee shirts, polo shirts, and long sleeved shirts.

There are shawls that can be used instead of sweaters or jackets.  They are easier to put on than sweaters that must be pulled over the head or sweaters or jackets that button or zip in the front.

There are also ponchos that protect the wearer from the weather.  These must be pulled over the head but are easier to put on than jackets or rain coats that have sleeves.  Some are merely warm, while others are also waterproof.

There are also wheelchair blankets and lap robes.  Wheelchair blankets are smaller than the blankets you use on a bed.  Blankets and lap robes can be worn indoors or out to keep the user warm.

The cost of adaptive clothing for wheelchairs can vary widely depending on the article of clothing and where you buy it.  You can expect to pay anywhere from $30 - $60 for a poncho or wheelchair blanket.  Shirts that open in the back may cost between $20 - $40, while pants that open in the back may cost $30 or $40.  Pants that zip from the knees run about $30 - $40 as well.

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