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It’s important to have the right wheelchair tires on your wheelchair.  The right wheelchair wheels give you a smooth ride, even on rough surfaces.  You need two different types of wheels for most wheelchairs, front caster wheels and rear wheels.  Rear wheels come in different styles, some being larger than others.  Motorized wheelchairs may also require different wheels than manual wheelchairs.

Keeping your wheelchair tires in good condition is very important.  After all, you won’t get far on bad tires.  You should examine your tires periodically for any signs of wear and tear.  It’s hard to say how long your tires should last you because it depends on many variables, such as how far you go in your chair and what type of surface you use the chair on.  If you use your chair on rough surfaces, the tires will wear out sooner.


You may be able to change the tires on your wheelchair yourself.  Wheelchair users may have difficulty changing the tires, but if you get someone to help you, it might not be a tough job.  Of course, you can always take your chair to a medical supply store that sells wheelchairs and wheelchair parts and have a professional change the tire for you.

There are two types of wheels on most chairs, the front caster wheels and the rear wheels.  The front caster wheels are usually small, while the rear wheels are much larger.  On motorized wheelchairs, the rear wheels may be smaller than on manual wheelchairs.  There are also chairs called transport chairs, which are chairs meant to be pushed by an attendant, which have four small wheels.

Front Caster Wheelchair Wheels

The front caster wheels are important because most of the bumps and vibrations you feel when riding in a wheelchair come from those wheels.  Choosing the right wheels will give you a smoother ride.

Most front caster wheelchair wheels are made from solid rubber, so the tires cannot go flat.  This is very important for someone with an active, independent lifestyle.

Caster wheels are usually black or gray, but they do come in different colors as well.  The colored ones usually cost a bit more than the plain ones.

Front caster wheels are more expensive than rear wheels.  They usually cost somewhere between $25 - $80, depending on the type of wheel you need.  Sometimes caster wheels are sold in pairs, other times you can buy them separately. 

Rear Wheelchair Tires

Many rear wheelchair wheels have a solid core, which prevents the wheels from going flat.  Many rear wheelchair wheels are latex free, which is necessary for anyone who might be allergic to latex.  Latex free wheels may also last longer.  Chair wheels are usually gray or black.

Depending on the type of tire you need, you may have a choice between foam filled tires and pneumatic tires.  They are comparable in cost.

Rear wheelchair tires usually cost somewhere between $10 - $40.  The price may vary depending on the type and size of the tire you need.  If you need to buy the whole wheels, you can spend anywhere from about $75 - $550, depending on the style and brand of wheel you need.  Rear wheel tires and rear wheels are usually sold separately.

Recommended Products

An excellent source for new wheelchair tires is Amazon.com. They offer a wide selection of both front caster wheels and rear tires at a reasonable cost.  Amazon is the largest and best-known online retailer, and they consistently score well in customer satisfaction surveys.  You can follow this link to the Amazon.com Website to view their tire products and prices.



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