Natural Flu Remedies

Many people are interested in natural flu remedies. There is medical treatment for influenza, which generally includes antiviral medications and over-the-counter drugs aimed at various flu symptoms. While this treatment is moderately effective, these drugs can have troubling side effects. For that reason, many people are interested in trying natural flu remedies instead.

Before we look at natural treatment for influenza options, lets look at prevention.

One of the best ways to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot. The flu shot is generally safe and effective, but it can have some side effects. Side effects are usually mild, and can include things like redness and swelling at the injection site, pain at the injection site, muscle aches, and a low-grade fever. Rarely, more serious side effects occur. A person can be allergic to the flu shot. The flu shot can trigger a serious neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. You cannot get the flu from a flu shot, however, because it is not made from live flu virus.

Some people are reluctant to get the flu shot because of the risk of side effects. Others should not get the flu shot, for various reasons. For instance, if you've ever had Guillain-Barre Syndrome, you should not get a flu shot because it could trigger a relapse. Others might be allergic to ingredients in the vaccine.

There is a good, natural alternative to the flu shot. It is a homeopathic remedy called Instant Immunity. You take it during the flu season to prevent the flu. We'll tell you more about it in a moment.

The good news is that the flu usually clears up on its own without any treatment for influenza. The virus simply runs its course in a week or so. The bad news is that flu symptoms can be pretty unpleasant and you might spend a miserable week being sick.

There is more good news, though. There are a number of natural flu remedies you can use to shorten the duration of your illness and to treat symptoms. We like homeopathic remedies because they are usually safe for everyone, including children and pregnant women. We'll tell you about a couple of our favorites in a moment.

There are also some herbs you can use in the treatment for influenza. Echinacea is commonly used to treat colds, and there is some evidence to suggest it may help fight the flu, as well. Goldenseal is known to stimulate the immune system, so it may help you get over the flu faster. You can find echinacea and goldenseal at most health food stores and some grocery stores.

We highly recommend homeopathic natural flu remedies.

If you want to get a flu shot, see your doctor in the fall. If you do get the flu, you can probably treat it with natural flu remedies if you prefer. If your symptoms are particularly severe, if your symptoms last for longer than one week, if you have a very high fever, if you have pre-existing conditions, or if you have trouble breathing, it is recommended that you see a doctor.

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