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If you suffer from ringing in the ears, you probably want to know a good remedy for tinnitus. Unfortunately, relief from tinnitus can be hard to come by for the 50 million Americans living with the condition. Many of the available treatments are not really cures for tinnitus but simply relieve symptoms temporarily.

The best remedy for tinnitus may depend on the cause of the condition in a particular patient, and many different things can cause tinnitus. Possible causes of the condition include high blood pressure, hearing loss, prolonged exposure to loud noise, problems with the blood vessels in the head or ears, head or neck injury, stress, psychological disorders and rarely, tumors. In many cases, though, doctors cannot pinpoint a cause of the ringing sound. Unfortunately, itís hard to find relief from tinnitus if you canít identify the cause of the problem.

You are at increased risk for tinnitus if you are male, Caucasian, over the age of 65 or suffer from age-related hearing loss. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent falling into one of those groups. You can reduce your risk of developing tinnitus, however, by avoiding prolonged exposure to loud noise or wearing ear protection when you must be around loud noises, and by wearing a helmet when biking or riding a motorcycle to prevent head injury.

The best remedy for tinnitus depends on the cause. For instance, tinnitus due to high blood pressure may respond to antihypertensive medications and a special diet. Tinnitus due to a tumor usually requires surgical intervention. Itís more difficult to find relief from tinnitus when you donít know the cause, though.

Some people find that using white noise machines helps. These machines make a background noise that kind of drowns out the ringing in the ears. There are also masking devices that resemble hearing aids that make a white noise. These devices donít cure tinnitus but they can make living with the condition bearable for some people.

Doctors sometimes prescribe tricyclic antidepressants as a remedy for tinnitus. These drugs donít really offer cures for tinnitus, they just relieve symptoms for some people as long as they take the medication regularly. Doctors usually only prescribe them for the most severe cases of tinnitus because of the risk of side effects, which may include blurred vision, constipation, headaches, weight gain and nausea. Unfortunately, some people become so anxious or stressed or depressed because of the tinnitus that they end up needing medication for anxiety or depression or something to help them sleep.

Some people prefer to try homeopathic remedies or other alternative treatments for tinnitus to avoid the risk of side effects common with prescription drugs.

See a doctor if you have ringing in the ears that bothers you, especially if it does not respond to home remedies like white noise machines or homeopathic treatments. See a doctor right away if tinnitus begins after a head injury or if you have other symptoms like difficulty walking or talking normally. You might need to see a specialist to discuss the best treatments for relief of tinnitus in your case.

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