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Unfortunately, many people that suffer from ringing in the ears cannot find a tinnitus cure. Tinnitus maskers help many people live with the condition, however. Many people find that using white noise machines, or just tuning a radio to static, blocks the sound of the ringing in their ears. However, you can't always carry a white noise machine around with you and other people might not enjoy listening to static on your radio. Tinnitus maskers are devices that resemble hearing aids, but they play white noise that will only be heard by you.

There is a simple test you can do to see if maskers might work for you. Simply stand near a sink, turn on the faucet and see if the ringing in your ears lessens. You can also just pay attention the next time you're in the shower and see if the sound of water helps block out the tinnitus.

Unfortunately it's very difficult to prevent tinnitus so many people are left searching for a tinnitus cure. The Mayo Clinic says the best way to prevent tinnitus is to always wear hearing protection when exposed to loud noises, especially for prolonged exposure like on the job. Talk to your doctor or an audiologist if you have questions about whether or not you should use hearing protection when engaging in certain activities.

Tinnitus is often difficult to treat and for many people, a tinnitus cure is just not possible. Surgical treatment provides a tinnitus cure in rare cases, but that's only if the condition is caused by something like a tumor or an aneurysm, which is rare. Doctors may prescribe medications like tricyclic antidepressants for patients with very severe symptoms but the side effects can be troubling, and these drugs don't work for everyone.

Tinnitus maskers offer a good alternative to medication for many people that suffer from the condition. They cause no side effects and they are easy to use. They are not effective for all people with tinnitus; experts think the effectiveness of maskers depends on the pitch of the ringing in your ears. If the pitch is right, it can be effectively masked by the devices. If not, the sounds emitted by the maskers won't cover the sounds in your ears and they will not be helpful for you. Again, you can try the faucet test described above. Most people that experience relief from the sound of running water also experience relief with the use of maskers.

Some people are not troubled by tinnitus all the time but find it most problematic when it's very quiet, like when they are trying to go to sleep at night. They may not need to wear maskers since the ringing in their ears doesn't bother them all the time. They might prefer just to use a white noise machine at night.

See your doctor if you have tinnitus that bothers you, especially if it doesn't respond to homeopathic remedies or tinnitus maskers. See a doctor right away if you have other symptoms along with ringing in the ears like trouble walking or talking clearly.

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