How Can Scabies Be Caught

People often ask us how can scabies be caught. They ask can scabies be caught from other people or from pets. They want to know about scabies prevention. For obvious reasons people want to do everything they can to avoid getting scabies.

Scabies is caused by tiny mites that borrow under your skin. You won’t see the mites but you’ll see tiny bumps and thin red lines on your skin, showing you where the mites are tunneling. Scabies also causes severe itching.

Scabies prevention is important because the condition is highly contagious. As much as possible, you should avoid close physical contact with people that have scabies. Don’t share any clothing, towels or bed linens with them, either. Sometimes people don’t experience any symptoms until they’ve been infested with the mites that cause scabies for a little while, though, so you may not always know when someone has them.

People sometimes ask can scabies be caught from people that bathe regularly and keep a clean house. The fact is, anyone can get scabies. The condition has nothing to do with cleanliness or personal hygiene. Bathing can’t get rid of scabies if you catch them, either, because the mites aren’t on your skin, they are under your skin.

People also ask can scabies be caught from pets, but the answer is no. The mites that cause scabies only feed on human blood so pets never get scabies. Pets can get other mites that can also affect humans, though.

If you find out that you’ve been exposed to scabies, even if you have no symptoms yourself, it’s usually recommended that you go ahead and get treatment to make sure you don’t develop symptoms later. A little scabies prevention certainly beats needing a lot of scabies treatment later on.

Despite your best efforts at scabies prevention, you may find yourself catching scabies anyway. If you get scabies, it’s important to get treatment right away because scabies absolutely will not go away without treatment. The condition will just get worse and worse as time goes on.

These days, many people prefer to use a natural treatment for scabies due to concerns about side effects of prescription medications used to treat the condition. For instance, topical skin creams prescribed to treat scabies can irritate your skin and even make the itching worse. Oral medication for scabies can upset your stomach, make you dizzy or even cause you to pass out, give you diarrhea and sometimes even cause seizures.

Although most people want to avoid the side effects of prescription drugs for scabies, they may worry that natural treatments won’t be as effective. The truth is, some natural treatments are more effective than others because different treatments contain different ingredients. For instance, treatments that contain tea tree oil may work better than those that don’t.

See a doctor if your scabies symptoms don’t go away after using a natural treatment. Ask your doctor if you have any questions about how can scabies be caught or scabies prevention.

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