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Using a home remedy for acne scars may not be the best treatment for acne scars. For one thing, many acne scar treatments prove far more successful when the skin no longer has active acne. Home treatments, however, are often done when acne is still occurring. Additionally a homemade product isn’t going to be geared towards specific types of scarring.

Ridding yourself of acne scars medically is often a lengthy process, and many of the options are very expensive. By comparison, a home remedy for acne scars will be relatively inexpensive. This article examines homemade treatments and measures them against medical procedures so that you can make informed decisions regarding your skin.

Perhaps the best treatment for acne scars is avoiding things that irritate your skin, and being careful not to pick at pimples. Diligence in this area reduces the amount of scarring (or the severity of it) that you’ll experience from acne breakouts.

Some experts suggest regular skin washing coupled with benzoyl peroxide. The benzoyl peroxide kills acne bacteria and helps dry excess oil on the skin. The only caution here is that the benzoyl peroxide should not be more than 5% (2.5 being best) so that it doesn’t irritate. Skin irritation can cause scarring, which is what you’re trying to avoid.

Follow the skin washing by using a gentle moisturizer. This helps re-balance your skin and offset the drying nature of benzoyl peroxide. You don’t need a lot, as you don’t want to immediately re-clog the pores just cleaned.

Even when people are careful acne can still cause scarring, which is embarrassing and uncomfortable, especially for teens. As a result, there are numerous ideas from which to choose a home remedy for acne scars to try yourself (and/or medical treatments). Even so, the effectiveness of both natural and medical cures seems to vary person to person. Here are just a few examples of herbal / natural remedies:

The “hearth and home” approach may not represent the best treatment for acne scars. So what about the medical options? Dermabrasion is used for shallow scarring and costs upward of $1,500 each treatment. Laser resurfacing is also used for shallow scars, and can cost $3,000 each treatment.

Chemical peels are only effective for mild scars, but are more affordable at about $750 a treatment. Saline injections will work for shallow scars too, and comes in at about $100 per shot (most treatments requiring 4-5 visits).

For deeper scaring there’s also punch techniques, augmentation and subscision. All of these procedures can be costly and carry some risk including infection. Of the three, punch techniques have the best consumer satisfaction rating vs. price.

The only products that compare price wise to a home remedy for acne scars are topical creams.

If your not comfortable using over-the-counter or a home remedy for acne scars, it may be time to consult with a dermatologist. They will recommend what they feel is the best treatment for acne scars based on your skin, and the type of scarring left. Always remember that even the medical treatments for acne scars may not be permanent, some have risks, and the results vary from person to person.

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