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People often ask us about a home remedy for scabies. When looking for a home remedy scabies will respond to, it’s important to differentiate between remedies that will actually get rid of scabies and remedies that will relieve the terrible itching that comes with scabies but not actually get rid of the mites that cause the condition. It’s relatively easy to find a home remedy for scabies that will help with the itching but much more difficult to find one that actually kills the mites that cause the itching.

The only way to prevent scabies is to avoid close contact with infected people. Unfortunately, people don’t always have symptoms of scabies until several days after they’ve been infected by the condition. If someone doesn’t know they have scabies, you won’t know that you need to avoid close contact with them. A home remedy for scabies won’t keep you from getting infected.

One home remedy scabies may respond to is a lotion you can purchase over the counter, such as Calamine lotion. Often used for poison ivy, Calamine lotion may help with the intense itching caused by scabies. It won’t kill the mites but can at least provide some relief.

Another home remedy scabies may respond to is soaking in a bathtub of cool water. As is the case with Calamine lotion, cool water does not actually get rid of scabies but it may relieve the itching.

If you cannot find a home remedy scabies itching responds to, talk to a doctor. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a medication to help stop the itching. It’s important to deal with the itching for a couple of reasons. First, the itching is usually worse at night and it can really disrupt your sleep. Second, if you scratch a lot and the scratching breaks the skin, you can develop an infection.

To actually get rid of scabies, though, most people use prescription medications, typically lotions or creams which are applied to the skin and kill the mites. Some prescription creams are not safe to use on infants or small children, on pregnant or breastfeeding women, or on people with compromised immune systems. While prescription creams are generally safe for other people, they can have some side effects such as skin irritation or increased itching.

Some people prefer to use natural products to treat scabies to avoid the risk of side effects. Regardless of the remedy you choose, all family members should undergo treatment at the same time, whether they have symptoms or not. They could be infested with the scabies mite even if they are not experiencing symptoms yet and if everyone does not undergo treatment, they can just end up passing scabies back and forth.

See a doctor if you have a skin rash or intense itching but aren’t sure if scabies is the cause of your symptoms. Your doctor will recommend treatment if you do have scabies. If you prefer, you can ask your doctor about a home remedy scabies might respond to. You should also see a doctor if your condition does not respond to a home remedy for scabies.

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