Guide To Natural Scabies Treatment

Many people look for a natural scabies treatment because they hope to avoid the unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects associated with prescription medications. Scabies natural remedies are generally safer than prescription medications, although some natural remedies can have side effects too. It’s also important to remember that some scabies natural remedies are not as effective as other natural scabies treatment products.

You can get scabies from having contact with an infected person or by sharing clothes, towels or bedding with someone that has the condition. Sometimes people are infested with the mites for a few days or even longer before they begin to experience symptoms, so they can spread the condition before they even realize they have it.

It’s recommended that if one person in a household has scabies, all members of the household get treatment even if they aren’t showing symptoms at the time. It’s also recommended that you wash all the towels and linens in the house and any clothing worn by the person with scabies in hot water. That prevents family members from passing scabies back and forth and continuing the infestation.

When people realize they have scabies, of course they want to cure the condition right away. People naturally hate the idea of having little mites living under their skin and the severe itching often keeps them awake at night. People may be interested in a natural scabies treatment but they also want something fast.

Most scabies remedies come in the form of a lotion or cream you apply all over your body (it does not need to be applied to your head). Prescription creams often must be applied two or more times, several days apart, before the scabies mites are all gone. Some scabies natural remedies must be applied more than once as well.

Prescription creams include Permethrin and Lindane. Permethrin can cause itching or a burning sensation on the skin. It may also interact in a negative way with other medications you may be taking. Lindane carries the risk of more severe side effects, so it’s usually only prescribed if other medications like Permethrin have been tried but did not work. It can cause increased itching, a burning sensation, dizziness and seizures. A small number of deaths have been attributed to Lindane use. If you use Lindane, you must use care not to touch anyone while the medication is on your skin.

Neither of these medications has been proven safe or effective for children, though they are sometimes prescribed for children anyway. It’s not known if these medications can be passed on to babies through breast milk, so women are usually advised not to breastfeed while using them. Pregnant women, elderly people and people with conditions affecting the immune system (like HIV or AIDS) should use them with caution, if at all.

You can see why some people are hesitant to use prescription medications for scabies and instead prefer a natural scabies treatment. They want scabies natural remedies that are effective but safe.

See a doctor if scabies natural remedies don’t seem to help your condition. Infants, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people with other medical problems may want to seek advice from a physician before using any scabies remedy, including natural remedies, though natural remedies are often safe for these groups of people.

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