Over The Counter Scabies Treatment

Yes, you can purchase over the counter scabies treatment but is it really a scabies cure? Well, that depends on which over the counter scabies treatment you select. Many over the counter remedies relieve the intense itching that is the primary symptom of scabies but that does not mean they are a scabies cure.

You see, scabies is a condition in which very tiny mites, about the size of a pinhead, tunnel beneath your skin. They feed on human blood. Female mites lay eggs there beneath the skin, which hatch after about three weeks. People usually experience an allergic reaction to the mites, their eggs and their feces, and that allergic reaction causes severe itching that usually gets worse at night.

Of course people with scabies want something to relieve the itching, but it’s important to find a treatment that actually kills all the mites beneath the skin as well as relieving the itchiness. The longer you wait to find a scabies cure, the more the mites will multiply and spread beneath your skin and the harder your condition will be to treat.

People naturally prefer to prevent scabies rather than end up searching for an effective scabies cure. Unfortunately, scabies is very contagious. Sometimes just sitting next to someone with the condition is all it takes for you to get it. You can even get it by sharing towels or bedding with someone that has scabies.

If someone you know has scabies, you should avoid close contact with him or her until he or she has been successfully treated for the condition. If someone in your home has scabies, you should go ahead and get treated for scabies yourself, even if you don’t currently have any symptoms of the condition. You can be infected for as long as a couple of weeks before you realize you have scabies, so you should go ahead and get treatment just in case.

Some people think you must see a doctor and get some prescription medication if you want a scabies cure. The truth is, many people do just fine with an over the counter scabies treatment. You must choose your over the counter remedy carefully, though.

Over the counter medications meant to cure most rashes might relieve the intense itching that accompanies a scabies infection, but things like Calamine lotion and Benadryl won’t kill scabies mites. Over the counter medications like those made to kill lice won’t work on scabies, either. You need something specifically designed to kill scabies mites and unfortunately there are not many options that can be purchased over the counter.

While there are prescription medications available, they require a visit to a doctor and may be more expensive than over the counter remedies. Prescription creams that treat scabies often contain pesticides and of course many people are reluctant to apply pesticides all over their bodies. They worry about possible side effects. In addition, young children and pregnant women are usually advised not to use many of these prescription medications due to their toxicity. They still need an effective scabies remedy, though.

See a doctor if your symptoms don’t respond to over the counter scabies treatment or if you have additional symptoms beyond a rash and itching.

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