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We are often asked for an effective scabies home treatment by people that want to avoid the potentially harmful side effects of prescription medications for the condition. People also want home remedies for scabies because home remedies are simple, affordable and do not require a prescription. Unfortunately, home remedies usually don’t kill the mites that cause scabies. Sometimes they relieve the terrible itching that comes with the condition, but without killing the mites that burrow beneath the skin, the condition will only continue to spread.

If you want a scabies home treatment, you may be tempted to pick up an over the counter remedy at your local pharmacy such as Calamine lotion. Unfortunately, that won’t do the job, either. It will probably help with the itching but it won’t kill the scabies mites.

Of course, if you can prevent scabies in the first place you won’t have to worry about home remedies for scabies or other treatment options. The bad news is that the mites that cause scabies are extremely easy to catch. You have to get them from someone else that has them; you won’t get them from pets or other animals and you won’t get them from being outside, as you might get ticks or some other parasites. However, even limited physical contact with an infected person can pass the mites on to you. You can also catch them by sharing clothing, towels, sheets, blankets or pillows with someone that has the condition.

Avoid close contact with people with scabies if you can. If you find out you’ve been exposed to scabies, seek treatment right away. Don’t wait to see if you develop symptoms and don’t rely on home remedies for scabies to prevent you from developing symptoms.

If home remedies for scabies and a scabies home treatment sold over the counter at pharmacies won’t get rid of scabies mites, what will? Well, there are prescription skin creams that usually get the job done. If you’re concerned about the possibility of side effects, however, natural treatments are another option for you.

A natural scabies home treatment usually contains herbs or plant extracts that you absorb through your skin to kill the mites that cause scabies. Natural treatments have few if any side effects, while prescription skin creams usually contain pesticide that is absorbed through the skin and can cause things like increased itching, a burning sensation, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and seizures.

Natural treatments are usually safe for most people with scabies, while prescription skin creams have not been proven safe or effective for children or pregnant women. Of course, if you have questions about the safety of any particular treatment, you should speak to a doctor or other health care provider. Natural treatments provide a safe and effective option for many people with scabies, however.

See a doctor if you need more information about home remedies for scabies or if you need help determining what kind of treatment is best for you. Let your doctor know if you have concerns about possible side effects of prescription drugs used to treat scabies.

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