Scabies Natural Treatment

Many people are interested in scabies natural treatment due to concerns about the many side effects of prescription medications used to treat the condition. There are many natural remedies for scabies on the market these days, but some are more effective than others. Because the itching that accompanies scabies is so severe and because the condition is so contagious, you need scabies natural treatment that works fast.

The only way to prevent scabies is to avoid people that have the condition. The problem is, people in the early stages of scabies may not have any symptoms yet so they don’t even know they have the condition. If you find out that you’ve been exposed to scabies, or if someone in your household has the condition, you should get treatment yourself to prevent the development of symptoms in case you have been infested with scabies mites. You can use a scabies natural treatment for this purpose if you prefer.

Many doctors aren’t very familiar with natural remedies for scabies so they typically recommend a prescription drug. They usually prescribe a medicated cream to treat scabies, like Permethrin or Lindane. These creams contain pesticides that are absorbed through your skin and kill the mites that cause scabies. As you might imagine, treatments that contain pesticides carry the risk of a number of side effects. They can irritate your skin and even make the itching worse. Some creams can cause other problems, like dizziness, nausea or even seizures.

While they may cause a number of unwanted side effects, prescription creams are usually effective. If they don’t work, doctors can prescribe an oral medication called Ivermectin. Doctors usually advise patients to try the prescription creams first because Ivermectin carries the risk of even more side effects, including nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting and seizures.

Some people should not use most prescription medications for scabies, like young children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people with certain other medical problems. In addition, sometimes prescription medications do not work and then people continue to suffer from scabies and continue to be contagious to others. In those cases, people may want to find a scabies natural treatment.

Of course, many other people want to use a natural treatment to avoid the risks that come with prescription drugs. Natural remedies for scabies don’t contain pesticides or other potentially toxic ingredients, so the risk of side effects is greatly reduced. You want to find a scabies natural treatment that relieves the intense itching while it kills the scabies mites and you want a treatment that works fast. Some products take a while to work and some kill the scabies mites but don’t relieve the itching (in which case the itching can continue for a couple of weeks after the mites are dead). These are things to consider when selecting a natural remedy for scabies.

See a doctor if you have a rash but aren’t sure it’s scabies and need a diagnosis. A doctor can take a small scraping of your skin and examine it for signs of mites. You should also see a doctor if natural remedies for scabies don’t relieve your symptoms.

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