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Wondering what scabies looks like? Here is a scabies rash picture. Notice the thread-like red lines where the mites have tunneled under the skin. What pictures of scabies rash don’t convey is just how incredibly itchy the rash usually is. If scabies isn’t treated promptly, the rash, and the itching, will continue to spread.

Sometimes people develop a condition called crusted scabies, which looks a bit different than this typical scabies rash picture. As the name of the condition implies, people with crusted scabies have a crusty-looking rash. Crusted scabies is more difficult to cure than the typical form of scabies.

These pictures of scabies rash have probably convinced you that you want to avoid scabies at all costs. You need to understand, though, that scabies is a highly contagious condition. Try to avoid close personal contact with anyone that has scabies.

If you find out you’ve been exposed to scabies or if someone in your home gets scabies, you should get treated for the condition even if you don’t have any symptoms that resemble this scabies rash picture. You should also wash all towels and bed linens in hot water to make sure the condition doesn’t spread among members of the family.

If these pictures of scabies rash look like you, you need to get treatment right away. The mites that cause scabies will not go away on their own.

People often see a doctor when they have scabies and get prescription medication to treat the condition. There are some treatments available over the counter as well and in a moment we’ll tell you about our preferred over the counter remedy.

Prescription medications for scabies include medicated skin creams like Permethrin and Lindane. If you use one of these, your rash may not look the same as these pictures of scabies rash because those creams can cause increased redness and skin irritation. Lindane may also cause seizures, upset stomach and fatigue.

Prescription drugs for scabies also include oral medications like Ivermectin. If you’ve had a rash that looks like this scabies rash picture for a while, your doctor may suggest Ivermectin as the best treatment for severe cases of scabies. Doctors also sometimes prescribe it if skin creams don’t kill all the mites. Ivermectin can cause a lot of serious side effects, though, including seizures, joint pain, headaches, upset stomach, dizziness and fainting.

Some people prefer to use natural treatments for scabies, which are available over the counter. Some natural treatments are not very effective but others work very well. They also have far fewer side effects than prescription drugs.

Some over the counter products used to treat skin rashes won’t work on scabies, though. Products intended to treat poison ivy, for instance, may relieve the itching but won’t kill the mites that cause scabies. If you have a rash that looks like the scabies rash picture, you need a treatment designed to treat scabies.

See a doctor if you have a condition that resembles these pictures of scabies rash but it doesn’t respond to an over the counter treatment. You may need to see a doctor if you have crusted scabies because it can be hard to treat.

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