Scabies Symptoms

It’s important to recognize scabies symptoms because if you have symptoms, you should get treatment right away. You should also take steps to avoid passing the condition on to others. In addition to scabies itching, which can be quite severe and usually gets worse at night, scabies symptoms typically include a skin rash. A scabies rash usually looks like little tiny bumps on the skin, connected by thread-like red lines where the scabies mites are tunneling beneath the skin.

A scabies rash is found most often in the folds of the skin, like between the fingers, in the armpits, on the inner elbow, around the breasts, in the male genital area and behind the knees. On children, a scabies rash may also be found on the face or scalp but this is rare on adults.

Rarely, people develop a condition called crusted scabies or Norwegian scabies. Symptoms of crusted scabies include crusty bumps on the skin that cover a large area of the body. Crusted scabies can be harder to treat than the more common form of scabies.

It’s hard to prevent scabies because the mites are so contagious and anyone can get them. Bathing regularly and keeping your house clean doesn’t prevent them. You can prevent scabies by not having any close contact with anyone that is infected, but sometimes people don’t realize they have scabies mites right away and then spread them to others unintentionally.

You can prevent your scabies rash from getting worse by starting treatment as soon as you develop scabies symptoms. To prevent the scabies itching from keeping you awake at night, try soaking in a tub of cool water right before going to bed. You can also use an over the counter product like Calamine lotion to help stop the itching. Such a product won’t kill the scabies mites but can give you some relief.

Sometimes doctors diagnose scabies by just examining the rash on a patient’s skin but other times they take a small scraping of skin for further examination. Sometimes scabies symptoms resemble symptoms of eczema or other skin conditions, but those conditions are not treated the same way scabies is treated. Medications designed to treat other skin disorders or head lice will not kill the mites that cause scabies.

Most often, doctors prescribe a medicated skin cream to treat scabies. The cream contains a pesticide that is absorbed through your skin to kill scabies mites. The cream doesn’t relieve the scabies itching, though, and in fact can make the itching worse. The itching may continue for several weeks after you’ve been treated for scabies with a prescription skin cream.

Of course, some people want to use a cream that does not contain pesticides or other potentially harmful ingredients to treat their scabies. People also want a cream that relieves the scabies itching, not one that might make the itching worse for a while. If you prefer, you can use a natural scabies cream that kills the scabies mites without the use of pesticides.

See a doctor if you have an itchy rash but aren’t sure if it’s caused by scabies or something else. Your doctor can give you an accurate diagnosis. Call your doctor if you have crusted scabies symptoms. Let your doctor know if you prefer to use a natural treatment for scabies.

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