Effects of Eating Disorders

The effects of eating disorders are far-reaching and some may surprise you. Consider these statistics on eating disorders and their effects.

Statistics on Eating Disorders

Physical Effects of Eating Disorders

Anorexia and bulimia can cause a number of medical problems, including:

Medical complications of eating disorders can result in death. Eating disorders can also lead to a number of other psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety disorders. These psychological problems put people at increased risk for committing suicide.

Effects of Eating Disorders on Families

The statistics on eating disorders indicate that the condition has a significant effect on families. Not only does the person with the disorder suffer from its effects but the entire family suffers. Some ways eating disorders affect families include:


The statistics on eating disorders show that treatment is not always effective. However, comprehensive long-term treatment is the best method known to help alleviate the harmful effects of eating disorders. The statistics on eating disorders show that successful treatment for these conditions needs to be multi-faceted and include medical care, mental health care and nutritional counseling and education. Psychotropic medications may also be helpful for some people with eating disorders.

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