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Health supplements are becoming increasingly popular these days, but it can be difficult to determine which supplements are of a good quality and which supplements you really need to take.  We have searched the available supplement reviews to determine which supplements are most recommended, and are pleased to share our finds with you.  It is always advisable, however, to check with your doctor before starting any new health supplements.  While most vitamin supplements and the like are harmless, it is always possible that they may interact with other medications you are taking or that they will adversely affect some health condition you may have.


Types of Health Supplements

Supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other kind of supplements.  Choosing the right ones for you can be confusing.  Consider the following:


We need a variety of vitamins in order to be healthy.  We get vitamins from the foods we eat, and ideally we should get all of the vitamins we need that way.  Unfortunately, not everyone eats a healthy, well-balanced diet all of the time.  If our diet is lacking in some way, we can benefit from vitamin supplements. 

Many people take a daily multivitamin supplement.  If you have special needs or are deficient in a particular vitamin, you might need to take a special supplement of just that vitamin.  Most people get enough vitamins from a plain old multivitamin, though.  Supplement reviews recommend multivitamins be used daily. 

It is possible, though rather rare, to take too much of a particular vitamin.  For this reason, you should only take large amounts of vitamin supplements under the direction of a physician.


In addition to vitamins, we need a variety of minerals.  Like vitamins, we get minerals from the foods we eat.  And as with vitamins, if our diets are lacking in a variety of healthy foods, we may benefit from mineral supplements.

Supplement reviews reveal that most multivitamin supplements also contain minerals.  Like with vitamins, most people will get the minerals they need that way.  Some people may need to take additional supplements.  For instance, women are often advised to take calcium, especially after menopause, when osteoporosis is more of a risk.  You can talk to your doctor about what supplements are right for you. 

As with vitamin supplements, it is possible though rare to take too much of certain minerals.  Before taking large amounts of mineral supplements, talk to your doctor.


Herbs are a little different than vitamins and minerals.  We may eat a variety of herbs as part of a healthy diet, including things like garlic, basil, rosemary, oregano, etc.  These herbs have various health properties.  For instance, garlic has been shown to reduce cholesterol.  Basil aids the digestion.  There are many herbs that people take for health, however, that are not a common part of our diet.  For instance, people may take ginkgo biloba for memory, or echinacea to treat a cold.

You have to be a little more careful with herbs than with vitamins and minerals.  While vitamins and minerals are commonly-occurring nutrients in our foods, herbs are often not.  They are more likely than vitamins or minerals to interact with other medications or to affect health conditions you may have.  If you are interested in using herbal health supplements, it is advised that you talk with your doctor or health care provider first.  You can also read supplement reviews to learn more about different herbal supplements.

Recommended Product

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