Social Causes of Anorexia

Social causes of anorexia are significant but these things are not the only anorexia causes. In fact, it’s likely that for at least many people with anorexia and other eating disorders, there are multiple causes that work together to lead to the development of the disease.

Social Causes of Anorexia

Social factors that may influence the development of anorexia include:

Other Anorexia Causes

Social causes of anorexia are not the only factors that enter into the picture. Other anorexia causes include a variety of physical, biological and psychological factors.

Dealing with Anorexia Causes

It’s important to deal with the causes of anorexia as much as possible. Of course, some factors affecting the disorder cannot be changed. There is nothing one can do to change one’s genes or the structure of one’s brain. Preventing child abuse, bolstering self-esteem in children and providing early treatment for mental illness may go a long way towards preventing eating disorders, though.

In addition, we can address the social causes of anorexia. We can advocate changes in the way the popular media portrays weight and we can encourage increased awareness of eating disorders in order to encourage more timely diagnosis and treatment.

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